A major goal as Secretary of State is to ensure that we have safe, secure, and credible elections. We want to guarantee that our citizens are confident in our elections process and that all elections maintain the integrity our people should expect. When we find that the public trust and confidence has been violated, we will identify the perpetrator, investigate them, if evidence warrants we will indict them, and make sure they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Additionally, for those members of the military who serve our country overseas and fight to preserve our secured right to vote, we will make sure that they have confidence that their vote is being counted. The process they go through to secure an absentee ballot should be accessible without delay and we will work toward immediacy in their participation in the electoral process.

As a strong advocate for voter identification, I was one of the leading members of the Alabama Legislature that passed a Photo ID Law in 2011 that requires all voters to show photographic identification at the polls beginning in the June 2014 primaries.

Business and Licensure

As the Secretary of State’s office relates to business creation, licensure, and trademarks, my goal is to eliminate the red tape and allow as much economic growth and job development through the creation of new and the expansion of existing business and industry. We need to allow new business to come to Alabama without a transition filled with frustration. We also need to encourage the expansion of existing business without bureaucratic impediments. I will also research and determine why other states with similar processes are faster and complete these requests more cost effectively.


My goal for adoptions, especially in the area of international adoptions, is that each family involved is treated as if they were a member of our family and that they receive the same care as if they were. That means eliminating all of the red tape and delays that often stand in the way of uniting families during this very stressful time.

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